Monday, December 02, 2013

Looking at Access Health CT plans

Individuals can look at available plans on Connecticut's Health Insurance Marketplace by going to and following these steps:

● On the home page select the Individual icon and then enter basic info - County & age.

Note: In working within always use the Next button. Do not enter info and hit enter. The Next button saves your entry and goes to the next page.

● Once basic info has been entered a page with a summary of the Qualified Health Plans (QHP) will come up. This section has several pages of info. on the available plans. This info. can be sorted by the plans Premium, whether it is a Gold, Silver, or Bronze plan, the plan's Deductible, the QHP's Insurance Co., and the QHP's Quality rating. There is a button to compare and display all or a limited number of plans.

● Within the summaries there is a link to check doctors and other providers in the QHP companies network.

Call my Google voice line (860) 451-9793 for a free consultation on these QHPs and other questions about federal health reform here in Conn.

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