Monday, March 03, 2014

The best way to review options and select medical insurance!

The media provided lots of coverage about signing up for medical insurance in the months leading up to January 2014. That coverage continues but what is being found – many people looking at their options do not understand the terms used to describe the new coverage!

I want to share a post which mentions a recent Atlantic article, It included some points about this lack of understanding and the impact it is having. It brings out:

● “- - - more than 77 million people have difficulty with common health-related reading tasks.”

● “Not only is it more difficult for individuals to understand and take action in their own health, but it contributes to higher healthcare costs.”

Many people have enrolled but others may still be thinking about this important kind of “medical treatment expense protection”.

If you want to look and gain a clear understanding of how the various options work the most effective approach is to contact a health insurance professional.

How to contact a professional: The Connecticut Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters has a feature on their web site, which takes you to the national association’s Find an Agent page. Using this resource is easy - just enter your zipcode.

Doing this means you can find a health insurance professional in your area to work with to fully understand this important coverage. They will simplify the language and complexities and be sure you select a plan, which will meet your interest and budget. There is no cost for this professional help and you gain on going help through-out the year for any questions, which come up.