Monday, June 12, 2017

Insightful points on reforming medical insurance!

Lots of press & other media reports & comments on reforming medical insurance.
BTW - I say medical even though the media uses healthcare. Why?

When you look around - when a person is not feeling well, they go for some tests, or even preventive care such as a physical or a flu shot they are receiving health care.

A good way to think about this - it’s a two-part system:

+ Going for medical treatment
+ Having coverage to pay part of the cost of the treatment received.
Note: Could be medical insurance or a social service system such as Medicaid,. It’s called Husky here in CT.

Back to my post on reforming medical insurance. Saw this article today - quite comprehensive with points on what is really going on and what needs to be done.

Of course, as with many issues today what needs to be done clashes with what people want.

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John C Parker, RHU, LTCP a health insurance professional in Niantic