Friday, August 17, 2018

Improving the way medications & treatments help people!

Medications today can do great things for people. 

However, the cost of these great meds has gone through the roof, which means quite a few people can’t afford their share of the cost of the prescription to help them.

What to do?  Many things are being worked on.

One is Value Based Insurance Design: Being a Health Insurance Advisor I am excited about what VBD is doing. The concept has evolved and broadened to personalized treatment for individuals and is referred to as Precision Benefit Design.

This short YouTube video from the Center for Value Based Insurance Design is a good introduction to this better way to provide care for people thus, I want to share.
When the 3 minute video finishes you may want to listen to the next video, which may come up. It’s a panel discussion video on The Promise of Precision Medicine.

John C Parker

Niantic CT

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