Sunday, August 28, 2016

Insights on enrolling in MediCare which is done through Social Security

The Social Security system no longer automatically enrolls individuals in MediCare's Part A and Part B when they turn 65.

Whether you plan to continue working when you are 65, as many do, or have decided you will retire it is recommended to meet with a retirement person in the local Social Security office. Surveys have reported errors when the 800# was called so going to the Local Office is best.

Note: When you call the Local office for an appointment they will want to handle your request to enroll in MediCare over the phone. However, you can ask for an in-person appointment. For example, you may indicate you want to discuss not only options to enroll in MediCare now verses later but want to talk about when to start receiving your Social Security benefits.

The full retirement age forSocial Security is 66. Each year you wait to enroll, up to age 70, will increase the monthly benefit you can receive. Starting at age 70 can be about 130% higher than at 66. The office can create useful information on this.

Surveys of people close to 65 report more than 50% are confused about MediCare so feel free to contact if any questions on Medicare's Part A (hospitalization) or Part B (outpatient treatment) or on Medicare Health Plans. They are insurance plans from private companies and pay for the part of treatment Medicare does not pay.