Sunday, October 07, 2018

Ideas to lower the cost of medical insurance.

Interesting ideas from a study by think tanks, policy folks, and others which found:

Monthly cost can be lower.
The number of people with private health insurance could be increased.
The federal deficit could be reduced some.

The study can be found here.

Sharing some thoughts:
● These ideas would be much better than the “solutions” we hear from politicians in Wash DC and even some in CT’s General Assembly - “Uncle Sam” can do it better

● Another analysis brings out to much “Uncle Sam” has resulted in increased costs for employers and the amount individuals have to pay.

● Working to reduce the “controls” and regulation introduced by the Patience Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of a few years ago is important.

● Studies also find getting people involved in their medical treatment can lower costs quite a bit. So glad to hear this.

Politicians and the media continue to say any change to PPACA would mean a person’s pre-exciting conditions won’t be covered. Of course, that is not true. There is significant bi-parison support in Washington DC for the important no restrictions on pre-existing conditions. 

John C Parker, RHU, LTCP

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