Friday, November 23, 2018

Looking for the cost of an upcoming procedure?

The cost of a medical procedure can vary considerably between providers and in different facilities. Even those in the same general area!

Most medical plan's today have a high deductible followed by cost sharing thus when any non-emergency treatment is suggested it's important to look at the cost so you can understand what your share might be.

A great place to look for proposed procedure costs is with Fair Health. When on the site the first step is to select:
— the green medical cost button

— then the in-network button (more economical )

— then your zip code

— then the blue button to find and select the type of medical situation you are interested in

You will see a list of in-network and out of network costs.

Note: When only a few providers are shown select one and tell your MD — I found it would cost $_____ for the ______ and would like to know what your cost will be?

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