Friday, May 01, 2020

Beware of deceptive Medicare TV ads!

One company has flooded cable TV here in Southeastern CT for some time with – call to get better Medicare coverage – ads!

Why are the ads deceptive?

  A person on Medicare can only get additional benefits in a Medicare Advantage plan, and some of the “you can get” things mentioned are not available to everyone. Just individuals who qualify for a Special Needs Plan!

  Also, eligibility for the Dual Special Needs Plan with additional benefits such as – rides to the MD is connected to income. The sports figure –  saying I got these – would never qualify for this coverage!

  The ad encourages everyone on Medicare to call today. However, the only time people living in Southeastern CT can change their Medicare health plan is in the fall during the Oct 15 to Dec 7 Annual Enrollment Period.

  Yes, someone turning 65 can sign up in any of the three months before, the month when 65, and during the three months after.  However, the ad does not say – call if you will soon be 65.

To make matters worse – a second company now has a Medicare ad – thus more reason to beware.

The Medicare system has complex rules on what I, as a health insurance professional, helping people with Medicare, can say and when. Thus, this is frustrating to me when the same restrictions do not apply to TV ads!

John C Parker, RHU, LTCP
Niantic CT

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