Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Real world points about government run health care

Instead of an observation or comment from me I am sharing information form a recent press release:

Stuart Browning of The Moving Picture Institute has created
a new internet movie which - "attacks one of the central premises of the propaganda in Michael Moore's new docutribe Sicko : that 45 million Americans have no health insurance - and no access to health care.

Browning also said - "Michael Moore
is set to unleash a torrent of disinformation about the U.S. health care system that will play into the hands of those who wish to turn our entire health care industry over to government bureaucrats".

Consequently Browning indicates he is
"firing back with a new 9-minute film which examines the facts behind the oft-repeated cries of an "uninsured crisis"."

Uninsured in America can be seen at a new website:

Free Market Cure is a collaboration between Stuart Browning and noted author, scholar, and physician David Gratzer of the Manhattan Institute. It is a website that features video and commentary - and which offers a capitalist, pro-liberty perspective to the current debate about health care.

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