Thursday, July 07, 2011

Another look at medical treatment costs

Have mentioned before the point - about 85% of each employer premium dollar goes to pay for medical treatment expenses. When we look at this 85% we find that 70% or more are connected to lifestyle choices.

We also know from studies and reports, such as a recent one from the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation:

+ About 5 percent of the population is responsible for almost half of all health care spending in the United States.

+ About half of the U.S. population accounted for only 3.1 percent of all expenditures.

+ 10 percent of the population hogged 63.6 percent of all health spending.

+ The top 5 percent of the population accounted for 47.5 percent of all spending.

+ The top 1 percent of the population accounted for 20.2 percent.

What does all this tells us? Medical treatment costs are responsible for rising medical premiums not "big bad insurance companies"

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