Saturday, January 04, 2020

An effective way to gain insight into your health

One of the things which happen to many of us as “time goes on” is the potential to develop health problems increases!

One effective way to gain quite a bit of insight into your overall health is to get a full eye exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Insights into overall health are not available from, a vision check-up, such as reading letters projected on the wall.

A full vision exam is expensive, e.g., about $175, so the reaction of those who do: 
Not have insurance – I can see OK, so I don’t need an exam.

Have medical insurance but it's a plan which doesn’t cover a full vision exam as a preventive check-up; so, the cost most likely would be applied to their plan’s deductible. These people may also say – I can see, OK, so I don’t need an exam.

 Have MediCare can get a vision check, but not a full exam, so their reaction is – I can see OK, so I don’t need an exam.

Bottom line - Many people today do not have access to Vision benefits like many employers provide. Luckily these Individuals can now buy an Individual Vision Plan with coverage similar to employer plans. For example, with a low co-pay for an exam and a nice allowance toward the cost of frames.

Information about the Individual Vision Plans offered by VSP and details of the coverage is on this link to one of my web site pages. 

John C Parker, RHU, LTCP

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