Saturday, May 30, 2020

Signing up for Medicare Part B after working past 65 is somewhat complex but it is now a little easier!

Individuals signing up for Medicare, whether at 65 or later after working past 65, do this through the Social Security (SS) system. There is an application for Part B (outpatient services) to complete, which also activates Part A (hospitalization situations). When working after 65 Part A is backdated six months from the date assigned to Part B.

Individuals working past 65 have another form to complete. They take it to their employer, dates covered by the company medical plan are listed, it is signed, and return to the SS office. This form gives them a Special Enrollment Period to sign up for Part B and avoids paying a late enrollment fee. SS offices have been closed so this process has been complex.

Pleased to report SS announced May 28th a way for a person, leaving an employer plan and wanting to sign up for Medicare, to complete the forms online. Information about this, the steps to be completed, and a link to begin to apply can be found here.

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